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I don't know, these games seem pretty sweet to me.

A lot of this season’s most talked-about games include ones with excessive violence, negative role models, extreme gore, sociopathic behavior and other things that have been proven to have a negative effect on children.

Check the link for the full games list, its pretty great.

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Gaming Dad

Marc "AlabasterSlim" Sutherland
November 7th 2009 @ 2:01 am EST
There are times I miss being in University. Those were truly halcyon days, when I could spend hours, days even, in front of the monitor playing games. I used to play so much of Tribes and Neverwinter Nights that I'd dream about them. Tribes and Neverwinter Nights, those were my games, those were my bread and butter. Needless to say I was single and I wasn't going out of my way to change the situation, what with these two games taking up most of my time.

I bring this up because two days ago Shattered Horizon was released, and it's a beautiful game that is reminding me a lot of Tribes. The gameplay is different, you're in space instead of on a planet, meaning a complete zero-gravity environment, but that mind bending 3rd dimension that was so prevalent in Tribes comes to life again in Shattered Horizon.

What I loved most about Tribes, what a lot of people loved, was that it put an emphasis on the vertical more than any other shooter prior. No longer could you concentrate solely on what was infront or behind you, you had to be aware of what was above and below as well. Shattered Horizon takes that to an extreme. With no gravity enemies can be anywhere, and many times I find myself spinning in all directions trying to find out where enemy fire is coming from - it's great fun! Too much fun actually.


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An oldie but a goodie. I stuck the TrackIR hat on my son and had him playing ArmA. He was maybe 4 months old when I did this. It was fun once he started pushing the buttons.

Video after the break.


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Every Saturday I play ArmA with ShackTac. The game on it's own isn't really all that much, but there is a ton of potential, and with the right group it's the most amazing gaming experience I've ever had. I figured I'd get my son started while he's still young.

Direct Download - Right Click and Save As...

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Favorite games so far: Assassin's Creed, STALKER.  He's not a big fan of ArmA (I talk to much while playing), but any other MP shooter (like Quake Wars or Day of Defeat: Source) are fine.  

In case you're wondering, I use the blanket you see to my right to prop up the bottle and then put my arm under his head so I can get to the keyboard.   I need to get an updated picture with my headphones on as well.

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Updated the original post with that video. I dunno, I
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don't have any money for advertise I guess you do what
you need to do.

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I actually liked the publicity stunt. I watched the
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in Shuts Down on 2010-09-21
Guess it's just a publicity stunt after-all. Pretty
lame though.

By Xan
in Shuts Down on 2010-09-21 They posted an update, the movie
in the link shows a game they didn't have before
"Baldurs Gate Complete Edition"

By AlabasterSlim
in Shuts Down on 2010-09-21
I'd be surprised to see it get a client, unless that
client is optional. One of the selling points of GOG
that they kept going on about was that you didn't need
a client. I'd be even more surprise...

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From various sources it seems to be a bad publicity
,GOG_sie_zamyka__Raczej_nie.html?bo=1 "Warning, date
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