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The awesome, PC-centric, guys at Rock Paper Shotgun are giving away copies of Operation Arrowhead in order to play a big co-op with their readers. Some info below:

Idea Games have air-dropped twenty (20!) copies of Operation Arrowhead into the reinforced RPS hyper-bunker (we left a window open so we could hear the birds arguing) and we thought there might be no better way to test drive this particular Hummer than to let you lot have at it in some kind of cooperative battle-event-thinger. So this is a recruitment drive. RPS needs soldiers. But more importantly, RPS needs YOU to be AVAILABLE! We’re going to dish out 20 keys, but only to those happy few who promise – cross fingers and hope to be poked in the eye by Quinns – to be around for our own little D-Day on Sunday 22nd August at 2pm BST. If you really can’t make that date and time, please don’t bother applying. Winning a war involves being there in the first place.

To help with this, we’re limiting this giveaway to registered folks. To have a chance of winning you need to be registered to RPS so you can receive private messages via the forum, and you need to leave a comment below. Give us a reason why you should win. The best twenty reasons why – as judged by the hivemind – will win the keys, and join us for a special mission on the 22nd.

So go on over and play with these dudes if you don't already have a copy of the game.

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Bohemia Interactive have announced their first DLC pack following the release of Operation Arrowhead. Although no price is listed on the Steam page the extra content will cost $10. This bit of downloadable content promises a new mini-campaign featuring the British Armed Forces. Key features are listed below.

New vehicles and weapons
  • Modern British troops in multi-terrain, desert and woodland camouflage
  • Personal weapons: L85A2 and L86A2 rifles, L110A1 machine gun, LRR and AW50 sniper rifles, N-LAW AT launcher
  • New vehicles: Jackal 2 WMIK all-terrain vehicle, modernized FV510 Warrior
  • New helicopters: AH11 Wildcat (multi-role), HC3 Merlin (transport)
  • British versions: offroad car, Chinook transport helicopter, AH-64 Apache gunship
  • Desert and woodland paint schemes of the ground vehicles
New singleplayer campaign
  • Player will command a mobile observation team of British troops into battle with the Takistani insurgents. Short campaign will be focused on depicting the assymetrical warfare with a guerilla force and the counterinsurgency operations.
Multiplayer modes
  • Cooperative scenarios featuring all the British units, vehicles and equipment.

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So you've read the review, and you're interested in Operation Arrowhead but not sure if you want to jump in with both feet. BIS has a solution for you, a demo!

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead Demo allows you to experience the unique gameplay featured in the full version of Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead including multiplayer, as well as samples of the vast amount of vehicles, weapons and units and realistic environment.
The demo also contains a part of Takistan terrain, which is based on the real-life landscape.

Features of the demo:

  • Singleplayer mission Coltan Blues from the main campaign
  • Singleplayer scenarios Benchmark and Little Bird
  • 3 Boot Camp scenarios: Basic, Driving and Helicopter tutorials
  • Multiplayer missions Hike In The Hills and One Shot One Kill
  • Multiplayer template Team Deathmatch
  • Mission Editor with save/load option

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Reviewing Operation Arrowhead (OA) is a tricky thing to me for many reasons. For one, I'm a huge huge fan of ARMA 2, with over 150 hours clocked in the game over the past year. Secondly, the ARMA series seem to epitomize PC gaming as a whole for me; offering an experience that just wouldn't be possible on consoles. Certainly there are other games, and genres that are designed for the PC - RTS and MMO games come to mind, but ARMA is wholly unique, it's something you just can't get in any other game.


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Wow! My jaw dropped when I saw this FLIR demonstration. It's not balls to walls action or anything but holy shit is this just fucking cool tech. Can't wait for this standalone expansion pack to be released.

For more information about the game check out the main page.

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I don't try to hide my love for ArmA II or Bohemia's games, as wonderful and flawed as they are. So, here's the new Operation Arrowhead trailer which is "coming soon"; whenever that is.

I can't wait to roll through those areas with ShackTac.

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I had an awesome time with ShackTac on Saturday. Here are some videos from the session.


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Along with all the other great changes this patch brings (like a distant grass layer which was in ArmA but missing from ArmA 2 until now), patch 1.05 will also feature a new vehicle, the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, and a new Warfare mode. Video and full press release after the break.


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From various sources it seems to be a bad publicity
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