DDGamer is a site dedicated to the discussion of digitally distributed games, mainly on the PC. It originated as a site called AlabasterSlim.com (named after its creator) and then was called Steam-Gamer.com due to the large market share Steam has and the Steam forum signatures that are available on the site.

But like many things it's evolved. The site has one Administrator (me) and several contributors. More contributors are always welcomed since I like to keep things really open. If you want a place to rant about video games, digital distribution or just PC gaming in general this is a place for you. I'm not interested in writing pedigrees and I really don't care what goes up on the site. Any content is good content in my opinion. If you're interested in learning more then head here.

The site Content Managment System isn't Wordpress or Joomla or anything else; It's a creation of my own design (with some legacy scripting help from spezi|Fanta). This means a few things. First, that there will be bugs, and the site may not always be running as well as it should. But secondly, that I have a much firmer understand of what's going on with this website as a result and any bugs will be squashed, and I'll much more easily be able to add new modules and features.

Enjoy your time at dd.gamer