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News coming out of Gamescon is that Microsoft's commitment to PC gaming is completely renewed! Yeah, I've heard that song and dance before. It seems every year Microsoft comes around and says that they're going to refocus on the PC, that the PC will be their new development?

Remember when they were really going to make LIVE a viable platform on the PC? And now they're spouting some bullshit about reinvigorating some of their best franchises such as Age of Empires and Flight Simulator.

Oh wait, those are the two franchises that they totalled cancelled, and fired the teams working on them.

But guys, it's cool. They hired back some of the people, and have a bunch of "fresh faces breathing new life" into these classics.

Unangst [Senior Director of PC and mobile gaming at Microsoft] described the plan as akin to what JJ Abrams did with Star Trek – simultaneously be respectful of the hardcore fans while injecting new life into the games. In the case of Age of Empires, that means a new art style, more social elements, and quests, while keeping the RTS formula intact.

Or, you could watch the video they have for Age of Empires: Farmville Online and see what you think for yourself.

I really don't know why this has me so riled up; Microsoft just isn't relevant in the PC Games space anymore. With companies like Valve, Stardock, D2D, and Blizzard blazing a trail why do we need a tired old monolith to clomp around and destroy what we hold dear? Just admit it Microsoft, you're invested completely in the Xbox 360 and you really have no interest in PC Gaming at all. The sooner you let go, the sooner we can all move on and be happier for it.

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Max Says:
August 22nd 2010 @ 7:13 am EDT

HEAR HEAR! Well said!

übergeek Says:
September 11th 2010 @ 4:54 pm EDT

Yet perfectly good games that could be using something like Steamworks will make me dread buying them for using GFWL.

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By AlabasterSlim
in This is Why Amnesia is Awesome on 2010-09-14
Yes it does.

By Scoota
in This is Why Amnesia is Awesome on 2010-09-13
Honestly I'm afraid to even play the demo. Does that make me less of a man?

By übergeek
in More Bullshit from Microsoft on 2010-09-11
Yet perfectly good games that could be using something like Steamworks will make me dread buying them for using GFWL.

By AlabasterSlim
in Tribes + Borderlands = Firefall on 2010-09-07
Another quick video: Notice the guy gliding at the end there: (YouTube Video)

By AlabasterSlim
in Tribes + Borderlands = Firefall on 2010-09-07
Here's the above video with developer commentary from the PAX show floor. (YouTube Video)

By madbohem
in Global Agenda Update Released on 2010-09-02
The new boosters are understandable, having ways to make money is a good idea. However, it seems to be a little premature because there is not a lot of depth to the game yet. [url=http://madbohem.c...

By Max
in More Bullshit from Microsoft on 2010-08-22
HEAR HEAR! Well said!

By AlabasterSlim
in New Software Survey on 2010-07-15
Without fail, every time I get picked for one of these things I'm using my shitty laptop instead of my gaming desktop.

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