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Way to jump out of the gate Valve. Not people to do anything half-assed, they've launched Steam for the Mac with 63 games available at the start, and here's the kicker. If you own ANY of those games on Steam already, then you also own the Mac versions. In addition to their Source games, also included are the latest two Telltale adventures (Tales of Monkey Island and the in-progress Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse). LucasArts even has versions of all their old adventure games (like Dig) available with SteamPlay, on the Mac.

Good news for all those Mac gamers, of which there will certainly be more of now.

Also of note, Portal is Free until May 24th. So download that NOW.

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AlabasterSlim Says:
May 12th 2010 @ 5:54 pm EDT

Civ IV fans worry not:

If you have purchased Civ4 on the Mac and are getting an error that it isn't available on your platform we will have it fixed shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

RandomEngy Says:
May 13th 2010 @ 12:22 pm EDT

Wow, they busted out of the gate with way more games than I would have guessed. They're really taking this seriously. I don't use macs but it's great that this is happening.

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Without fail, every time I get picked for one of these things I'm using my shitty laptop instead of my gaming desktop.

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Very nice, good read.

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Welcome frag.

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Great review

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frag will be writing a bunch of articles about widescreen gaming, specifically with three monitors.

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Real-Life comparison. (Image: Linked Image)

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ban he

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read reviews on steam forums from people who bougt DogFighter and they all seem happy. developers are on the forums chatting regularly and asking for feedback which is remarkably being listened to...

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