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Railworks Update Released

"Valve Software"
February 23rd 2010 @ 4:45 pm EST
Updates to Railworks have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

  • Fixes couplings breaking on Continue from saved game
  • Fixes crash when laying converging junctions
  • Fixes occasional crash when loft tool selected
  • Fixes RWPs rarely being created with zero byte entries
  • Refuses to load RWPs containing zero byte entries
  • Doubled string memory fixing spurious crashes

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Latest Comments

By AlabasterSlim
in A Rant on 2010-04-07
While I'm upset that the PA games were cancelled (I quite enjoyed them), I wouldn't really call it rage inducing. They were good but not mind blowing, an I can take them or leave them. The story was p...

By RandomEngy
in Epic and Valve Band Together - All UE3 Engine Games Will Integrate Steamworks on 2010-03-11
But I thought Steamworks was free to use anyway. Are they just packaging it in with it?

By AlabasterSlim
in Confirmed: Valve to Deliver Steam & Source on the Mac on 2010-03-08
I just read this Wired article about the announcement and there is some good news for Mac gamers in there. If players already own the PC ...

By AlabasterSlim
in Oh irony, Thy name is Ubisoft. on 2010-03-08
Looks like it was caused a DOS attack. RPS Article

By AlabasterSlim
in Ubisoft's DRM cracked within a day. on 2010-03-04
Good to know that at least the paying customers won't be able to pirate the game.

By AlabasterSlim
in Steam is Coming to Macs on 2010-03-04
Is it? You're sure it's not Dr. Breen?

By Edmo
in Steam is Coming to Macs on 2010-03-03
The big irony in that apple 1984 ad is that it's Steven Jobs face on the screen now.

By Regicide
in DDGamer Steam UI 2010 on 2010-03-03
You don't post a screenshot? Tsk, tsk!

By Edmo
in DDGamer Steam UI 2010 on 2010-03-02
I don't think you packed it right, it didn't show up for me in the steam list

By AlabasterSlim
in Ubisoft isn't the only one who doesn't get it... on 2010-02-27
Yes, if your connection drops, it will pause.

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